Is Community Events .IT free?

The website does not require a payment to be used, you can search the events based on your preferences (like period, tags).

We require a payment to the organizers of a paid event if they want to list their event, if you are interested check the Add Your Event page.

Which events are listed?

Any event (in person) with a topic related to Information Technology (IT) can be listed inside the website. Examples:

  • A conference about open software in archaeological research can be listed
  • A conference about Medieval art cannot be listed

Which is my role?

Organizers can manage the event details (like tags, location) and define the organizers, keynote speakers and speakers.

Speakers can notify the organizers or the moderators if they are joining a specific event, they can also update the information (like LinkedIn, GitHub) of their public profile.

All logged users can bookmark events and speakers.

Other questions?

You can always contact us through LinkedIn or Twitter!